Find cryptids by state! Hover over any state to see which legendary creature was sighted there and click the state to read more about it.

Altamaha-haBatsquatchBear Lake MonsterBeast of BladenboroBeast of Bray RoadBeast of BuscoBigfootCadborosaurusChampyChessieChupacabraColossal ClaudeDover DemonEnfield HorrorFouke MonsterFresno NightCrawlerHoney Island Swamp MonsterIliamna Lake MonsterJackalopeJersey DevilKelly Little Green MenLake Worth MonsterLizard Man of Scape Ore SwampLoveland FrogmenMelon HeadsMenehuneMichigan DogmanMogollon MonsterMomoMothmanOklahoma OctopusOzark HowlerPascagoula River AliensPig Man of NorthfieldPope Lick MonsterRougarouSharlieShunka WarakinSink Hole SamSkin WalkersSkunk ApeSlide-Rock BolterSnallygasterSpecter MooseSquonkTahoe TessieTaku-HeTennessee WildmanThunderbirdTizherukVampire Mercy BrownVan Meter MonsterWalgren Lake MonsterWendigoWhite ThangWoods DevilZwaanendael Merman

What is a Cryptid?

A cryptid is an animal, being or entity that has not been proven to exist by science, but has been reported by eyewitnesses or other sources of evidence. Some examples of famous cryptids are Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, and Mothman. Cryptids are often subjects of fascination and controversy, as some people believe they are real and others dismiss them as hoaxes or misidentifications. Cryptids can also be classified into different categories, such as humanoid, aquatic, winged, or reptilian.

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