Beast of Bladenboro: A Mysterious Monster That Terrorized a Small Town

Beast of Bladenboro cryptid from North Carolina approaching in a forest
Beast of Bladenboro image courtesy of FunWearVm – Remember, descriptions vary and nothing is exact. This is only an imagined depiction of what this cryptid may look like.

The Beast of Bladenboro was a name given to an unknown animal that was responsible for a series of attacks on livestock and pets in Bladenboro, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas. The attacks began on December 29, 1953, when a woman in Clarkton, about eight miles from Bladenboro, saw a large, black, cat-like creature kill a dog. Two days later, two more dogs were found dead at a farm in Bladenboro, with their bodies torn and drained of blood. The attacks continued for the next two weeks, claiming more victims, mostly dogs, but also a rabbit, a goat, and even a human.

The witnesses described the beast as sleek, black, about five feet long, with a long tail and a cat’s face. Some said it looked like a bear or a panther. Some said it had a mate or a cub. Some said it made a noise like a baby crying or a woman screaming. The beast was elusive and cunning, avoiding traps and bullets. It seemed to prefer killing at night and near swamps.

The town was terrified. The police chief, Roy Fores, called for help from professional hunters and wildlife experts. Newspapers across the country reported on the story. Hundreds of armed men from all over the state and beyond came to hunt the beast. But no one could catch it or kill it.

What happened to the Beast of Bladenboro?

On January 13, 1954, after two weeks of terror, the attacks suddenly stopped. The hunters claimed they had killed the beast, but they had no proof. They showed a dead bobcat as the culprit, but many doubted it was the real beast. The bobcat was too small and too common to match the descriptions and the damage done by the beast. Some said the beast had escaped or moved to another area. Some said it had gone into hibernation or died of natural causes.

The mystery remained unsolved. No one knew for sure what the beast was or where it came from or where it went. Some speculated that it was an escaped exotic animal or a mutant hybrid or even a supernatural creature. Some thought it was just a hoax or a mass hysteria. Some believed it was still out there, waiting for another opportunity to strike.

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The legend of the Beast of Bladenboro lives on. The town celebrates its history with an annual festival called Beast Fest. The beast has inspired books, documentaries, podcasts, and movies. It has become one of the most famous cryptids in North America.

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