Taku-He: The Mysterious Bigfoot of South Dakota

Taku-He is a bigfoot-like creature that is said to roam the plains and forests of South Dakota, especially near the Sica Hollow State Park.

Taku-He image courtesy of FunWearVm – Remember, descriptions vary and nothing is exact. This is only an imagined depiction of what this cryptid may look like.

History of Taku-He

The name Taku-He comes from the Lakota language and means “big man”. The Lakota people are one of the Native American tribes that inhabit South Dakota and have a rich culture and history. They have legends and stories about many supernatural beings, including Taku-He. According to some accounts, Taku-He is a guardian spirit of the land that protects it from invaders and intruders. Other stories say that Taku-He is a malevolent creature that preys on humans and animals alike.

The first modern sightings of Taku-He occurred in the 1970s, when a film crew was scouting locations for a zombie movie near Sica Hollow. They stumbled upon a large footprint that they thought belonged to Taku-He. They interviewed some locals who claimed to have seen or heard the creature. One of them was LeMar Bear Ribs, who said he encountered Taku-He one night while walking home. He said the creature was a “big hairy man” who gave him a seizure. He was taken to a health center by two women who also saw Taku-He in their car headlights.

The sightings continued throughout September 1977, attracting media attention and curious visitors. Some people reported finding mutilated cattle and wild animals with their sexual organs removed and blood drained. They blamed Taku-He for these killings, although there was no conclusive evidence. Some also speculated that UFOs were involved, as South Dakota had its share of flying saucer sightings. The creature was dubbed the McLaughlin Monster by the press, after the nearby town where most of the sightings occurred.

The sightings died down after September 1977, but Taku-He did not disappear completely. He has been seen sporadically over the years by various witnesses, including hunters, campers, and farmers. He has also been featured in some movies and books, such as Taku-He (2017), a horror film directed by George Demick, and Werewoofs (2019), a graphic novel by New Paradigm Studios. Some people believe that Taku-He is still out there, waiting for his next victim or his next encounter.

Appearance of Taku-He

Taku-He is often described as being similar to a bigfoot or a sasquatch, but with some distinctive features. It is said to be taller than an average human, ranging from seven to nine feet in height. It has a muscular body covered with dark brown or black fur. It has a large head with a flat face, small ears, and a prominent brow ridge. It has glowing red or yellow eyes that can be seen at night. It has long arms that reach below its knees and large hands with sharp claws. It has short legs and big feet with five toes each.

Behavior of Taku-He

Taku-He is usually seen in rural areas, near forests, fields, or hills. It is mostly nocturnal and avoids human contact. It is believed to be omnivorous, feeding on plants, fruits, nuts, berries, as well as meat from deer, cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, and even humans. It is also known to mutilate its prey by removing their sexual organs and draining their blood. Some people think that this is part of a ritual or a way of marking its territory.

Taku-He is also said to be very intelligent and curious. It can mimic human sounds and voices, such as whistling, laughing, crying, or calling names. It can also use tools and objects that it finds in its environment, such as rocks, sticks, or metal pieces. It can communicate with other members of its kind using grunts, howls, roars, or screams. It can also sense the presence of humans and animals by their smell or sound.

Possible Explanations for Taku-He

There are many theories and hypotheses that try to explain the existence and nature of Taku-He. Some of them are:

  • Taku-He is a real animal that belongs to an unknown species of primate that has evolved in isolation in North America. It could be related to the gigantopithecus, an extinct genus of ape that lived in Asia until about 100 thousand years ago and was the largest primate ever known.
  • Taku-He is a hybrid creature that resulted from the interbreeding of humans and other primates or animals. It could be a product of genetic engineering or experimentation gone wrong.
  • Taku-He is a supernatural being that has paranormal abilities and origins. It could be a shapeshifter that can change its form at will or an alien that came from another planet or dimension.
  • Taku-He is a hoax or a misidentification that can be explained by natural phenomena or human activities. It could be a person wearing a costume or using props to scare people or create publicity. It could also be an animal such as a bear or a gorilla that was mistaken for something else.

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