The Mysterious Beast of Busco: A Giant Turtle Legend from Indiana

Beast of Busco image courtesy of FunWearVm – Remember, descriptions vary and nothing is exact. This is only an imagined depiction of what this cryptid may look like.

The Beast of Busco is a legendary creature that has fascinated and puzzled many people for decades. The Beast of Busco is said to be a huge snapping turtle, weighing over 500 pounds and measuring six feet across, that lives in a small lake near Churubusco, Indiana. The story of this elusive monster dates back to 1898, when a farmer named Oscar Fulk claimed to have seen it in his lake. He tried to catch it, but failed. He told others about his encounter, but soon gave up on the idea.

The legend was revived in 1948, when two fishermen, Ora Blue and Charley Wilson, also reported seeing the giant turtle while fishing on Fulk Lake, which was then owned by another farmer named Gale Harris. Harris and others also witnessed the beast, and word spread quickly. The story caught the attention of the national media, and soon Churubusco was flooded with curious visitors, reporters, and photographers who wanted to see the Beast of Busco for themselves.

Harris made several attempts to capture the turtle, using nets, hooks, traps, and even draining the lake partially. But none of these methods worked. The turtle seemed to be too smart and too fast for them. Some people even suggested sending a deep-sea diver into the lake, but that plan was also aborted due to technical difficulties. The hunt for the Beast of Busco lasted for several weeks, but eventually the interest faded and the crowds dispersed. The turtle was never found.

But that does not mean that the legend died. The Beast of Busco became a part of Indiana folklore and culture, inspiring books, songs, movies, and festivals. Every year in June, Churubusco celebrates Turtle Days, a carnival that honors the town’s famous resident. There are also statues, signs, and souvenirs that feature the turtle’s image. Some people still believe that the Beast of Busco is alive and well in Fulk Lake, waiting for another chance to show itself to the world.

The Beast of Busco is one of the most intriguing and enduring cryptozoological mysteries in America. It challenges our imagination and our sense of wonder. Is it possible that such a large and ancient creature could exist in a small and modern lake? What is the origin and nature of this beast? How did it survive and evade capture for so long? And where is it now? These are some of the questions that still haunt those who are fascinated by the Beast of Busco.


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