The Dover Demon: A Creature That Haunted a Small Town

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The Dover Demon is a name given to a small humanoid creature that was reportedly seen by four witnesses on April 21 and 22, 1977. The creature had a large, egg-shaped head with no visible ears, nose, or mouth. It had glowing eyes that were either orange or green, depending on the witness. It had a thin, hairless body with long arms and legs, and tendril-like fingers. It was about three to four feet tall and weighed around 100 pounds.

The Dover Demon did not seem to have any clothing or accessories. It did not make any sound or show any signs of aggression. It was mostly seen near wooded areas and bodies of water. It moved on two legs or on all fours, depending on the terrain.

The Sightings of the Dover Demon

The first sighting of the Dover Demon occurred on April 21, 1977, at around 10:30 p.m. William “Bill” Bartlett, a 17-year-old student, was driving with two friends on Farm Street when he saw something on top of a stone wall. He slowed down and saw a creature with a large head and glowing eyes staring at him. He was shocked and scared by what he saw and drove away quickly. He later drew a sketch of the creature and wrote on it: “I, Bill Bartlett, swear on a stack of Bibles that I saw this creature.”

About two hours later, another sighting took place on Miller Hill Road. John Baxter, a 15-year-old boy, was walking home from his girlfriend’s house when he noticed a figure walking towards him. He thought it was a friend of his and called out to him, but got no response. He then realized that it was not a human, but a strange creature with glowing eyes and long fingers. He backed away from it until he reached the main road, where he met another car with two people inside. He told them what he saw and they drove him home. He also drew a sketch of the creature later.

The next night, on April 22, at around 12:00 a.m., another sighting occurred on Springdale Avenue. Abby Brabham, a 15-year-old girl, was being driven home by her friend Will Taintor when they saw something on the side of the road. It was a creature similar to the one seen by Bartlett and Baxter, except that it had green eyes instead of orange. Brabham said that it looked like “a baby’s body with long arms and legs.” She also drew a sketch of the creature later.

The last sighting of the Dover Demon happened on April 22, at around 12:15 a.m., near Farm Street again. Will Taintor, who had just dropped off Brabham at her home, was driving back with another friend when they saw something running across the road. It was the same creature that they had seen earlier, but this time they only got a brief glimpse of it.

The Aftermath of the Sightings

The sightings of the Dover Demon caused a lot of media attention and speculation in the town of Dover and beyond. Some people thought that it was an alien visitor, while others thought that it was an escaped animal or a prankster in a costume. Some even suggested that it was a hoax orchestrated by the teenagers themselves.

However, all four witnesses maintained their stories and passed polygraph tests. They also did not know each other well and had no apparent motive to lie or collaborate. They were all credible and respected members of their community.

The police investigated the sightings but found no physical evidence or clues to support them. They concluded that the sightings were probably nothing more than “a school vacation hoax” or “a figment of their imagination.”

The sightings of the Dover Demon have never been repeated or explained satisfactorily. The creature remains one of the most mysterious and intriguing cryptids in history.

Possible Explanations for the Dover Demon

There are many theories and hypotheses that attempt to explain what the Dover Demon was or where it came from. Some of them are:

  • An alien: Some people believe that the Dover Demon was an extraterrestrial being that visited Earth for some unknown reason. They point out its unusual appearance and behavior as evidence for its alien origin.
  • A mutant: Some people believe that the Dover Demon was a mutated animal or human that suffered from some genetic disorder or disease. They point out its resemblance to some known animals or conditions as evidence for its natural origin.
  • A hoax: Some people believe that the Dover Demon was a hoax perpetrated by someone who wanted to create a sensation or prank someone else. They point out the lack of physical evidence or witnesses as evidence for its artificial origin.
  • A misidentification: Some people believe that the Dover Demon was a normal animal or human that was misidentified by the witnesses due to poor lighting or psychological factors. They point out its similarity to some common animals or humans as evidence for its mundane origin.

Some of the possible candidates for misidentification are:

  • A foal: Some people suggest that the Dover Demon was actually a newborn horse or donkey that had escaped from a nearby farm or zoo. They point out its size, shape, color, and movement as evidence for its equine origin.
  • A moose calf: Some people suggest that the Dover Demon was actually a young moose that had wandered into town from the nearby woods. They point out its height, weight, hairlessness, and eyes as evidence for its cervine origin.
  • A monkey: Some people suggest that the Dover Demon was actually an exotic monkey that had escaped from a pet owner or a circus. They point out its limbs, fingers, head, and eyes as evidence for its simian origin.
  • A human: Some people suggest that the Dover Demon was actually a human being that had some physical deformity or mental illness that made them look and act strangely. They point out its general anatomy and location as evidence for its human origin.

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